Have you seen these books?

While rearranging and cataloguing my books, I discovered that some of them are missing. They’re probably borrowed by someone but I’ve not noted down the borrower and I don’t remember who has them. If you have them, please let me know so I can update my records.

If nobody owes up, I’m gonna have to write them off as lost. That’s not gonna make me happy because everything on this list is a favourite book.

  • Varjak Paw, SF Said
  • The Blessing Stone, Barbara Wood
  • White Nun’s Telling, Fay Sampson
  • Obake: Ghost Stories of Hawaii, Glen Grant
  • The Red Tent, Anita Daimant
  • The Road to Inconceivable (Abadazad), J.M. DeMatteis
  • The Dream Thief (Abadazad), J.M. DeMatteis

If you have any other books of mine that are not listed here, let me know too. Most of the books I lend out have a little sticker inside the cover with my name and contact details on it.

Also? If you’ve had them for long enough for me to forget who borrowed it, isn’t it about time you give it back? If you haven’t read it by now, you probably never will anyway.


Author: Georgette Tan

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3 Comments on “Have you seen these books?

  1. I have the first three but I do want to read them. As soon as I can start reading without falling asleep halfway from exhaustion :)

    So sorry. i just realised I have them

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