Mah gamez, let me show u dem

Remember when you guys thought I should have just gone ahead and bought Fate instead of dicking around with WildCoins?

I’m glad that I didn’t listen to you. I finished it later two games later, and have moved on to other games. Didn’t even finish my WildCoins, but I’ve found other places to spend those.

I’ve been playing a lot of games the last few weeks. It’s a nice, mindless activity. Mindlessness is a welcome state these days.

Right now, I’m waiting for this to finish updating:


An original Neverwinter Nights Diamond edition. Rin gave it to me earlier this year. I knew the gang talked about ordering some games but I declined because I didn’t think Dante* could handle anything new. It runs on XP. I’ve since acquired Marley** and he runs on Vista.

NWN doesn’t run on Vista, but I’ve read up on forums and apparently it can be done. So I’m giving it another go. I’ve installed it on Dante but it was slow as hell. On my dad’s computer, it runs better but is still too slow to be worth the time. We’ll see how it goes, but for now, let’s move on.

I’ve reinstalled Puzzle Pirates but have not gone as far as subscribing. I love the game but once you’ve set off on a pillage, there is no pause button. Not great if you get bored or want to go to the loo. I played a couple of times and noticed that my main problem is that I get bored. Playing loads of new games seem to fix that. Here’s a bunch of short reviews on WildGames I’ve played and recommend.

Home Sweet Home
This should appeal to people who enjoyed arranging furniture in The Sims. An interior decorating game where you need to interpret what the client wants and decorate accordingly. Once the plan is done, you have to direct three builders to put everything together within a certain time limit.

The Nightshift Code
Obviously playing off another famous Code. You are a museum guard who surprises a cat burglar. She departs with a tantalising comment – she knows where your missing-presumed-dead father is and she’ll help you find him if you’ll help her track down the treasure that’s probably why he disappeared in the first place. The code-cracking wasn’t as hard as I thought, and the hidden object search is devious. So devious that when I give up and hit “Hint”, it reveals the item right under your nose, hidden in an obvious place. This game is a lot better than G.H.O.S.T. Hunters The Haunting of Majesty Manor, which is of the same concept but strikes me as lazy on the developer’s part because you end up picking up the same items from the same rooms more than twice.

JoJo’s Fashion Show
This was what I ended up spending most of my coins on. It’s one of those put things-together-quickly games which revolves around fashion. You have a few seconds to assemble clothing on a catwalk model according to specific themes. The fashion ranges from stunning, quirky and eh? Those of you who love fashion should find this fun. On a related theme, Vogue Tales plays less on fashion and more on assembling orders from clients. Also fun if you enjoy Diner Dash style games.

Ciao Bella
This is the first game I installed after Fate. It’s a girly game where you play Elena, an Italian woman who juggles family, work and romance. It combines puzzles, problem solving and one or two arcade games. The aim of the game is to get the hot Italian stud to marry you. Not the kind of sentiments I agree with, but since it’s a game and I’m an adult with very specific ideas on life, I’ll let it slide.

You play a character and control every aspect of their lives – what they do with their time, what lessons they take, who they hang out with and where they work. Everything affects the other. Certain jobs require certain skills which you study. Less time with friends and you lose friends. New activities raises skills and occasionally makes you new friends. Too little exercise and you get fat. It’s all about juggling your life. There are many directions you can take. The aim of the game is to see how successful you are after 10 (game) years.

Kudos – Rock Legend
From the makers of Kudos comes a more interesting twist to the game. You front a rock band. The aim is to gain fame and fortune after 5 years. You get to pick band members, compose songs, book gigs, and make all sorts of decisions while keeping everyone happy. I’m still playing this one because I’ve not hit upon the right formula to win.

nwn-tarlia.jpgThe thing about most the games above is that if you’re obsessive enough, you can finish it within one or two of the few free trials they give with every game. I normally finish it in one… which is why I have 3am bedtimes for the last few weeks!

There we have it. Now go play some games!

Edit: NWN works on Marley! Which means you won’t see much of me now. There’s my character in the game, the rogue Tarlia, who is always my good old standby in all games although her class changes from game to game.

* faithful old desktop PC of 8 years
** new Dell Inspiron 1420 note book

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