Writer with a book problem

Me in Book Castle some months ago. I like this photo.

I saw The Spiderwick Chronicles Deluxe Collector’s Trunk at a book store yesterday, and was having a bad case of book lust. Here’s my colleague Maggie and I discussing my book problem.

Gette: The price difference from the normal boxed set is only about 20 bucks.
Maggie: Then it’s worth getting.
Gette: But it’s still RM170!
Maggie: If you think about how much you spend normally on books in a month, it’s probably the same thing. You can get this and not buy any more books this month.
Gette: … you’re no help at all!
Maggie: XD

Out of curiosity, I mined my credit card statements this year for numbers (there’s a reason why I put all my book purchases on credit card) and came up with the following damage:

January: RM 129.18
February: RM 375.94 <-aaaaaaaaaaa!

I suppose I have that bonus to blame for the extra expenditure. Now I have to look into my credit card statements for last year and see how much I’ve been spending on books in the last few months. I have more books that I have time to get through them all.

I’m depending on all my friends to keep me out of book stores this month!

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  1. Gette – I had a look at the Collectors’ Trunk and think you should definitely get one! After which, you can stop your book purchases. Go for it, Gette. If you haven’t done so already.

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