Full Circles


My weekend away was eventful but rejuvenating – full of old friends, new friends and new sights. It was a relief to be away from Kuching and away from the office, spending most of my time with new people and some people I haven’t seen in a while.

Since I’ve given my blog address to some people, I’ll post a little something and say hello to new visitors. :-)

I. Penang

Penang is beautiful. The one-day crash tour that Poh and her dad took us on only makes me look forward to the week we’ll be there for the Penang World Music Festival. They indulged me with a stop at the Christian Cemetery (photo above). We also visited Fort Cornwallis and Batu Feringhi. After spending a night in Penang, we bid Poh goodbye and got on a bus to Ipoh, to the house where Robin grew up.

Poh, me, Hanson, Ducky and Robin @ Fort Cornwallis.

II. Ipoh

Ipoh was meant to be a quick stop and quick it was. We were there long enough for the boys to pack. Robin’s parents then drove us all down to KL so Hanson could catch his plane to Singapore. Before we left, Hanson, who is an American Chinese, is introduced to durian. He only sniffed at it for a few minutes and survived the encounter.

Hanson has been at it for a while by this photo.

III. Kuala Lumpur

KL was another whirlwind of meeting people, including Suk Yin (Robin’s sister), who knew exactly what I meant when I went and squeaked “Gooshyfood!” at her. Robin’s long-held belief that we’ll like each other in adulthood was spot on. It was also great to see Sarah, Joyce, Kenneth, Jude, Rosanna and Chet. Pity Dork Sadat was in Penang.

Me, Sarah, Robin and Suk Yin in the backseat.

A lot of things came around in a full circle in this trip. My next post might explain a little, but then again it might not. But at least I’m unlikely to forget what they are, and that’s the important thing.

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  1. Gooshygooshygooshygooshy! Uh, Benny…

    Yay you landed safely and got some SLEEP I hope! You did miss the hysterical drama of Hanson not surviving his encounter with -eating- a durian. It was the funniest thing ever, to watch him try to work that one mouthful down his throat and pluck up enough stamina and courage to get through another mouthful. He didn’t. He died – but of course, it’s Hanson, he resurrects a lot.

    SO good to see you girl! It’s been a damn sight long enough! We shall do this again oh yes. Gooshyfood and all.


  2. There is a VIDEO. Get Robin to GET that video and SEND IT TO US. I didn’t have a camera that day, Hanson did, but he took videos and I provided tons of expectedly informative commentary, if the recording picked it up: ‘This is Hanson dying after eating a durian. Oh wait. He isn’t dead yet. He is about to die.’ That sort of thing. It should be a CLASSIC.

    There should also be the sounds of my parents laughing. Their. Heads. Off.


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