Writer 404 – Road Trip


It thrills me to bits to go away for a short holiday this weekend. It counts as an impromptu trip, but it’s a trip I’ve been waiting a long time to make. In fact, a strange, small part of me thinks that if I don’t go now, there will never be another opportunity.

Plus, I’m really due for a holiday. My real planned holiday is a week after I get back from this one. I’ll be spending a week in Penang, taking in the sights and enjoying the Penang World Music Festival. Yes, I plan on blogging that. No, it’s not for work.

It’s almost 1.30am. I need to be at the airport at 6am but I’m not packed yet. This is normal. I’ll be picking through my things all night and shove everything into a bag at, oh, 4am. I should get started.

The photo above was taken somewhere between Batang Ai and Kuching at sunset.

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