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Words-Worth went pretty well. We read to a small but attentive audience of friends and strangers in bing! and it was nice seeing my fellow performers under the literary context again. Most of us have done it at least once (Victor and Robert) or twice (Azreen and me) before. Peter is new to the event, but he’s a veteran speaker so this must have been a walk in the park for him. Fariah is our MC again, which is nice because she knows her stuff. She also knows most of us, so she can nail down little things a complete stranger won’t know.

We also did a spot promo for A.D.U.H. Here is the blurb:

A.D.U.H. (Assorted Diaries of Unspeakable Horror)

A.D.U.H. is inspired by ‘Cringe Night’ in the USA, an event where adults will read the often-embarassing things they wrote as kids or teenagers:

* diaries/journals
* old letters
* old poems or stories

If it makes you cringe and want to burn the thing, it’s probably the kind of stuff we’re looking for.

You do not have to be a writer or poet. It’s more fun that way.

We’re looking for a few brave souls for an upcoming show. Wanna lay it all bare for us?

You know where to reach me.

The title of this post came from a Chumbawamba song called “(Words Flew) Right Around the World“.

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  1. I missed it… Not in time to go, was busy with 2 events, didn’t expect those events lasted so long…

    A.D.U.H is interesting hahaha…

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