My Bookshelves

Gid wants to know how I store my books. I have over 250 books and counting, but I think the number is more like 300+ because I haven’t catalogued all of them. It’s kinda like bailing out a sinking boat. Most of the books are collected over the span of years. I inherited (“rescued” would be more appropriate) a handful from parents and grandparents. Nobody reads them but they were

Books – June 2008

FG Cottam – The House of Lost Souls David Allen – Getting Things Done Stephenie Meyer – The Host Alice Hoffman – Here On Earth ETA Hoffman & Roberto Innocenti – Nutcracker The book haul as of end of this month. The last two books are from Book Castle, the rest are from stores that sell you books at full price. Unless you are a card-carrying member, which I am.

Recent Books, Recent Me

“I was a thirty-two year old woman who had everything and nothing going for her. I had a good job that was theoretically fascinating, but it consumed my hours and days and gave me almost no personal satisfaction.” — Sundays at Tiffany’s, James Patterson The quote above is from the book I reviewed for this Sunday’s column. Funny what jumps out at you on a busy Tuesday afternoon when you’re

The people that Habitat built

Nice day to get lost. It was a beautiful day to be lost in the intestinal tract of roads near Kota Sentosa. I was already an hour late to my appointment and was starting to think that it was One of Those Days. Brilliant blue skies and fat white clouds mocked my inability to find my way out of a paper bag with a map. After two phone calls, I