Books – June 2008

FG Cottam – The House of Lost Souls
David Allen – Getting Things Done
Stephenie Meyer – The Host
Alice Hoffman – Here On Earth
ETA Hoffman & Roberto Innocenti – Nutcracker

The book haul as of end of this month. The last two books are from Book Castle, the rest are from stores that sell you books at full price. Unless you are a card-carrying member, which I am.

I’ve read The Host, which will be getting reviewed next week. I’m in the middle of The House of Lost Souls. I’ve given up on Special Topics in Calamity Physics, because books you work on every night for a month without getting anywhere near the end should be dumped. I don’t have the luxury of time.

Alice Hoffman is probably next. I have another lonely Hoffman book waiting to be paired up for a review. Hands up those of you who noticed that I have themes to my book column.

In any case, I’ve been trying to review one book per week lately. Some of the books are from authors or series I’ve been following, so I have geeky background knowledge that makes me look smart but only a few people can follow.

So, what are you reading?

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  1. Was reading “My Name is Red” by Orhan Pamuk recently, followed by “Toast” by Nigel Slater and a whole stack of Discworld novels. Wanted to try out “Calamity Physics”… mind if we trade-loan?

  2. gid: I’ll make a post on my book storage soon. :-)

    Chet: I think I heard of that one from somewhere.

    Rin: Sure. I’ll pass you Calamity Physics the next time we see each other.

  3. I’ve finished Free Food for Millionaires, and just started Preeta Samarasan’s Evening is the Whole Day. Another Malaysian writer to be proud of!

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