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Gid wants to know how I store my books.

I have over 250 books and counting, but I think the number is more like 300+ because I haven’t catalogued all of them. It’s kinda like bailing out a sinking boat. Most of the books are collected over the span of years. I inherited (“rescued” would be more appropriate) a handful from parents and grandparents. Nobody reads them but they were too cool to throw away.

All photographs here are viewable in a larger format. Just click. If the Lightbox doesn’t work, you’ll still get the actual file.

The book stack above resides in a corner of the living room. I convinced my parents that it’s a valid decorating element. Every now and then, I’ll add another book somewhere into the stack or take away something I want to read.

This bookcase is on the landing upstairs. The phone and modem is on top (you can just see the phone). The two bottom shelves hold children’s books and other large format editions.

Most of the books here are either orphan trade paperbacks, and books I don’t read any more. Some are books I can’t leave downstairs, least my parents’s church friends drop by and notice that their godless daughter reads about magic, occultism, Harry Potter and 100 Ways to Cook Children.


And here is where most of the goods are. Nearly all my paperbacks and series are here. I try to keep my series together regardless of the editions, so some creative arrangement is necessary.

As you can see from the photo, I mainly store my books lying down. I get to store a lot more books this way, and because my bookcases are deep, I can double stack them and still have a strip of space left. Anyway, I’m not going to peruse my own library looking like this:


Some of the spaces in the lower half are not used for books, but I got no other place for them at the moment. There are some old school magazines that I want to keep, a couple of boxes of comic books my brother and I used to collect, a box file of my old artwork, a bagful of unused notebooks, and some other junk.

In theory, there’s plenty of space for another 100 books or so, as long as I find a home for all the other non-books.

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  1. annna

    your shelves are so neat whereas mine can be compared with the rat’s nest. I don’t read a lot (apart from my textbooks), so I salute you kaw kaw. Having 250 books and read all of them, i’m very impressed. I think throughout my whole life, I guess I only read half of what you’ve read. *malunye*

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  3. gid

    lol thanks for the post. i forgot to check back to see if the post was up.
    im having a storage issue in my room atm…i think we’re getting leeron to build some custom shelves for me…

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