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The meet-up was fun.

I picked Edwin up because we live in the same area and I didn’t want to drive all that way alone. He ended up buying dinner because I could not find a working ATM that evening.

A few hours before the meet, he called me up saying that Irene asked us to pick the King and Queen of the night. We also got to decide the criteria. Since it’s obvious that we’re not judging them by their blogging, we had to come up with something else. Friendliness and accessibility became the main factor, although when we talked about it,  it sounded more like “must make effort to talk to everyone” and “if stick to table with own gang, cannot lah”.

It means we had to try and talk to as many people as we can.

When we got there, Irene said we’re sharing the duties with Rose, JF and Paul. This was good. More people to spread around and compare notes with.

I’m an introvert and aspiring crazy cat lady, but you can’t really tell that night. I mingled like crazy. I talked to anyone who was responsive. There were a few people who absolutely refused to meet my eye even when I was standing right there, like they’re terrified I’d start talking to them and want to avoid the possibility at all cost.

Weird fact: the guys outnumbered the girls. There was easily twice as many guys. (Why is this weird? I organise all sorts shit and the girls always outgun the guys.)

So at the end, we came out with Wombok and Effa.

Wombok is the Darth Vader guy in your MyBlogLog. He stayed in the headgear for so long, we were starting to wonder if we’ll ever get to see what he looks like. It appealed to my whimsical side.

Effa is warm and friendly and stood out… maybe because she’s quite tall as well! I like her vibe and style.

I’m glad I had something to do, otherwise I’d be the one hiding in a corner somewhere! But I really had nothing left to say when a small group went off for drinks at Starbucks later. Rambo entertained us with jokes, and I find it really sweet of him to tell it English so I (the only one who didn’t speak Mandarin) was in on it, although he would be more comfortable telling it in Chinese!

I think I might be getting used to the fact that I get “recognised” when people put a face to the name. I enjoy the “never thought I’d get to meet you” surprise, although I no longer enjoy the reason why they even know my name in the first place.

I did not take any photos, except for my dinner. See other people’s photos here.

Officially, this is is probably my 5th or 6th bloggers meet (in which complete strangers from the Internet are in attendance). The first one was way back in May 2004 when most of you are still in your short pants. Two guys and 6 girls.

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Author: Georgette Tan

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  1. i envy ur writing skills…
    ppl knows who u are cos i think they read the borneopost haha…

    always written (BY GEORGETTE TAN)
    it was a great hangout time especially at Starbucks!

    and for the bloggers meet…
    i know we did something similar which was


  2. The fact that I was at the First KchBloggers’ meet, when other folks were “still in their short pants” makes me feel somewhat ancient.

    Has it been actually that long?!

    Ahhh those were the days… *rocks back and forth in rocking chair, knitting needles clicking away*

  3. It was quite a surprise indeed with so many guys turned up hahaha… Usually there’ll be more girls. Most turned up in black also. Yea… Agree about some people that just want to be with themselves hahaha… I have no idea how to start any conversations or even greet them hehehe…

  4. *sneak in


    What was Rambo’s joke? Was that one of the highlights over KB meet besides King & Queen of the night?

    ROck on!!

  5. Yay.. an update ^^ Nice to meet you during the meet :P Though me and my friend jz stick to the table eating union rolls, you were very friendly with us and I thought that you’re all very friendly haha.. Oh, don’t worry, I didn’t know you at first *Discontinued Borneo Post at home T.T* but now I know ya ^^ haha.. Was really surprised when your guesses were very accurate o.O omg.. lol

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