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The Vista on my laptop is behaving oddly since last weekend. I got most of my important data backed up, but some minor thing are either gone or archived away in an external HD. I’m not gonna put everything back in until I know it’s going to behave for more than one day. Or until I downgrade this sorry ass to XP.

I was looking for a stationary tray that I can put into a desk drawer. The reason being two mugs full of stationary on my desk is ridiculous. Okay, moving clutter into a different position doesn’t solve the problem of it being there, but I don’t want to get rid of it. They still work, and there are times when I actually need them.

Naturally, a stationary tray cannot be found whenever I venture into a nearby book store or the stationary department. Dangerous territory. Being in a book shop or stationary corner means all sorts of other things are trying to tempt me into taking them home. Like I really need a fancy wire office desktop set that doesn’t include the tray that I want.

Things turn up when you’re not looking for it, so I was not surprised to find it in one of the many cheap stores around town when I was there looking for a teapot.


Technically it’s a cutlery tray from the kitchenware section, but cutlery and stationary have the same basic configuration. Plus it came in a bright lime green that matches some of the other stuff I own.

Yes, you do see frogs in there.

The store I went to also had a surprising amount of stuff to organise your cable clutter, and for ridiculously cheap. I got two packs of cable ties (different lengths) for about a buck each. The section merits another visit when I’m in the mood to prospect for decluttering tools.

And I never did get my teapot.

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