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Words-Worth! II


I just want to mention that Words-Worth! II is happening the first Sunday of August, and if all my performers show up, it would be the biggest gathering of writers and poets since I started organising this kinda event.

Date: 3 Aug 2008, Sunday
Time: 3.30pm
Venue: bing! coffee company, Jalan Padungan

Go here for more information.

I haven’t figured out what I’ll be reading yet. Knowing me, I’ll wait till the last minute before cobbling something together.

Finding people to read for us is usually a pain in the ass. I’m grateful to our regulars, a great bunch of people who need no persuasion, but it’s nice to have new faces every now and then. There’s not enough writers/poets to have regular events, and fresh material isn’t that easy to come by for most of us! Besides, you’ll get tired if we have another event and oh, it’s them again.

Whatever your excuse is, at least one of the regulars can identify with.

So you don’t know if you can stand up in front of a crowd. Do what I do – keep your mouth near the microphone and your eyes on the page.

You don’t think your material is good enough? Every writer is their own worst critic. If anything, it’ll give you a reason to push yourself harder.

Besides, the networking is great. Nothing quite like another writer or poet’s feedback or support. Writing is lonely work.

See you there!

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