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August in review

I’ve been rather busy for most of August, so here’s a rundown of the highlights.

1. Arab Rice @ tHe Spring

The Arab Rice at tHe Spring’s Food Bazaar has some really nice food. I’ve been meaning to go back since the review, but have not been hungry enough for that.

2. Dress hacked

We finished my costume. The hat is just part of it. For the rest, you just have to wait till after the photo shoot. Oh yes, Peggy‘s tutorial for this hat was featured on Threadbanger yesterday.

3. Visiting Tunku Putra School

I almost wish I went to this school. “Almost” because I hated school. That’s Rin hard at work in the chem lab during the school’s Open Day.

4. Design King

Eric Leong was in town for a quick workshop. Although he was prominently advertised, his segment was just a couple of hours in the morning. This is him being interviewed by RTM.

5. Gang Starz 2008

Hotlink flew 6 East Malaysian press members to KL for the Gang Starz 2008 finals. You can’t get me to sit in front of the TV for anything at home, but live shows have an energy you won’t find in your living room. They put us up at Holiday Inn Glenmarie, which had a fantastic buffet.

6. Budget

I just thought this made an interesting picture. Reporters camped around the office TV listening to the budget report.

7. Hokkien-speaking Romans

I went to a Roman-theme housewarming party. I think that initially most people were going “what for?” when our hostess announced that it’s a costume party. But it did add a special element, and the camwhoring came out in full force. We’re already talking about our next one.

8. Habitat for Humanity project

After writing all those articles about HfH, I had a chance to get my hands dirty. Full post here.

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  1. You’re slowly but surely turning me into a dresshack watcher (and possible convert). I’ve got a whole pile of old clothes that I don’t wear anymore and I’m wondering what I can do with them.

    That lab photo is what I look like in the mornings (meaning: “Duuuh, what’s this for?”) which is why I’m glad Chem classes are normally in the afternoon. Attempting to muck around with acids and such first thing in the morning – not the best idea.

  2. Wow.. Really a lot of projects in a month :X

    Sis tried the Arab Rice and it’s really delicious.. Just that it’s a bit pricey, else we’ll definitely going back there for more :D

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