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Bloggers can do manual labour also

Regular readers of this blog know that I’ve written a number of articles about Habitat for Humanity in Kuching. What volunteers tell me got me interested, so I enlisted the to get together for an experience to blog about.

Frankly I’m disappointed by the response. The friends-of outnumber the actual members. But whatever lah. I had fun. And those who gave it a chance did too, or at least came and found that it’s not their piece of cake. But I counted 6 out of the 12 who want to do this again.

Anyway I’m sure most of us didn’t expect to accomplish what we did at Kampung Senibong.

We measured and cut reinforcement bars (rebars) the size of your index finger and pinky!

…with shears this big! (Nice gentleman not included.)

We played with power tools!

We built a new work shelter!

(Or at least, they did. I just took photos.)

We bent rebars into rectangle rings!

…At some point with our hands, yo. (Maggie and Gladys were so particular about getting it perfectly straight, it was hilarious.)

We were very happy with our work. I mean, geeky mouse potatoes like this bunch. Who would have thought?

So what previous volunteers said are all true.

  1. You see your work come together before your eyes.
  2. You completed feats you never imagined you could accomplish.
  3. It’s an awesome way of spending time with friends and meeting new ones.
  4. You go away knowing that you played one small role in a big task. I mean, building a house. Dude.

Other little revelations include:

  • You realise that you have a really good life. You have more than two rooms in your entire house and a flushing toilet, right?
  • Some people managed to stay really clean, while others were grubby from head to toe by the end of the day.
  • Bending rebars is quite therapeutic. Kinda like sewing but with more muscle groups.
  • Some of the girls may look tiny but they actually quite strong.
  • We did so much by lunch time. On a normal weekend, I’d still be in bed by lunch time!

Here are the other peeps who went (can’t find all the links. pls comment with your url.):

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  1. Hahaha… Yea… The respond was really dissapointing, nevertheless we did have fun and it’s something you don’t get to do everyday and know better about ourselves. I had curi-ed your photos in facebook hahaha…

  2. georgette and the bloggers who helped:

    our homepartners often describe a habitat house as *transformational*. their substandard and overcrowded living condition is a key component of the cycle of poverty. by providing them with a secure and healthy abode, you give room for the families to breathe and to grow. the breadwinners wake up reinvigorated to tackle the day and, perhaps, inspired to improve their lot. the children can study better with light and space. by helping habitat, you are giving all these potential butterflies the opportunity to emerge from their cocoons. pardon the flowery language. i should use the simple terms which our homepartners say to our volunteers, all the time: thank you. thank you. thank you.

    hoping for your continued support, all of you…

    yours faithfully
    VICE PRESIDENT 2008-2009

  3. So much fun ~

    I didn’t know much bout this. Only heard some mentioned bout HfH, but no details were given. :S

    Anyways, I would like to join next time if there’s a 2nd trip there :)

  4. ahlost, that time details were given only to those that are interested. We did send out emails and post a post in KB to let people learn more about it and whoever want to know even more have to contact us but too bad… The respond wasn’t that good. Those that I had approached personally all couldn’t commit due to various reasons from commitments to no interest to feeling skeptical.

    So we are the guinea pigs :P Now that we had done it ourselves with photos as proofs and sharing our experiences to those that are skeptical previously. I think there should be a second round because this should be able to create more interest for the rest.

  5. [Irene]
    I didn’t get any email from KB bout it.. and didn’t really check on kb website as well.. *whoops* But nvm bout that.. I’m joining if there’s a 2nd trip there :)

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