Shades of Freedom

  In writing my feature article about the Freedom Film Fest 2008, which made a stop in Kuching last month, I had the novelty of being censored. I wasn’t aware that there was an official directive regarding this issue because I’m at the feature desk, where we write about unimportant things like movies and food. If the sub-editor didn’t catch it, my ass will probably be sitting unemployed somewhere. I’m

Pyramid of Psylence

So. We’ve seen this pyramid of Psylence tagged all over Kuching. Now who anything about it? On a related note, I must say that the quality of graffiti in Kuching has improved.

The Dresshack Toolbox

Oue definition of ‘dresshack’: The original meaning of “hack” was a quick, elaborate and/or bodged solution (Wikipedia). At dresshack, our clothing and costuming solutions come in all shapes and forms – quick and clever, elegant facades hiding messy interiors, liberal use of safety pins and glue guns, and lot of experimentation. Being part of a dresshack group with two base of operations that isn’t at my house (no space) means

Time & money in action

– Funds for HfH: RM420 – Who wants to raise it to RM450? (Collection ends at the end of this month.) So Time and Money, or at least Time, has come to pass. On Sunday, 6 of us went to Emoi’s house at Kampung Senibong (went back, for 3 of us). Here’s the cast of characters: My good self – journalist, birthday girl (2nd build) Maggie – journalist, colleague, fellow