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Funds for HfH: RM70
People for the 19th build: 13

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Ducky has a new hat and is looking mighty pleased about it. I have a new hat too, but I’m too lazy to model it right now. But it fits, which is wonderful and unusual because I have a big head and everything perches on it. Thanks, Andrea and Joyce!

To non-Muslims, Ramadan is all about the food. Take, for example, the food hampers that keep arriving at the office. A couple of days before Raya, we opened all 7 or 8 of them and had a huge sugar spread in the conference room.

Crazy, but I suppose that’s the only way you share the bounty with the whole office. Except those who were not in.

I’m not much of marathon Raya visitor so I went to a grand total of 3 houses, all either close friends or people I only see once a year.

But this October, I’ll be mostly occupied with making some Halloween costumes because we’re all project-powered at dresshack central. Fun!

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