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The Dresshack Toolbox

Oue definition of ‘dresshack’:

The original meaning of “hack” was a quick, elaborate and/or bodged solution (Wikipedia). At dresshack, our clothing and costuming solutions come in all shapes and forms – quick and clever, elegant facades hiding messy interiors, liberal use of safety pins and glue guns, and lot of experimentation.

Being part of a dresshack group with two base of operations that isn’t at my house (no space) means we have to keep our equipment mobile. Peggy has an electric sewing machine which she totes with her when needed, so she is our chief sewing machine ninja. (I have a 29-year old Butterfly Sewing Machine which required both mum and myself to move from her room to mine.)

Whether or not our sewing machines are mobile, we dresshackers sure accumulate a lot of bits and bobs. I have all my things neatly stored in a drawer somewhere, easily accessible when I need a spool or ribbon or some embroidery thread. Since I can’t lug the entire chest of drawers with me, I bought a plastic toolbox and moved my things over.

Dresshacking also means there are a lot of on-site alterations or fixes, as we learned from the ‘Trash It‘ project. It’s handy to be able to pack everything we might need into our toolbox and bring it along.

Since I’ve come to the point where I need a toolbox, I suspect I’ve achieved the status of apprentice needle pusher.

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