Book Sunday: Forgotten Tales of Long Ago

I found this at Book Castle. I’ve not read it yet, and I suspect I won’t for a while. But I simply have to show you what I found inside:


The inscription says (to the best of my ability to read that pretty handwriting):

Isabel Barr
Prize for Needle-work
Thom Mv Mumford
Lupton School
June 19.1914

This inscription is 94 years old. 1914!! The book was published in 1906. Do the maths, people!!

There are two other things left in the book that may yield clues to where it came from. The first is this card, announcing the services and Bible classes for the Evangelical Free Church:

So we know the book either came from BC or passed through there at some point. The last item doesn’t tell me much. It’s a bookmark that is torn at the bottom:

Here are a couple of colourplates inside the book, because they’re pretty:

I love finding things like this! I’m always curious about who owned an old book that eventually lands in my lap. To think this one made the trip from almost a century ago and is still in such a good condition! This is officially the oldest book in my collection now. Yes, I’m completely thrilled!

Author: Georgette Tan

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6 Comments on “Book Sunday: Forgotten Tales of Long Ago

  1. WOW! Interesting! Those days people’s handwriting was very “classy”, it’s not easy to find handwriting like this now, everyone is practically “writing” away on the keyboard ;p

  2. Smithers BC is a ‘resource town,’ meaning home to hewers of wood and drawers (verb tense there) of water. The 7 digit phone number probably indicates the 1960s at least, though I might be wrong there – it’s a bit of history I’m not familiar with – and the lack of postal code suggests earlier than 1974 or thereabouts… but congratulations on a great find.

  3. I think its ‘From Mr Mumford’

    it just so happens that the ‘s’ is rather elaborate in the ‘Isabel’

    while the ‘r’ resembles those written in ‘Barr’, ‘Prize’, ‘for’ & ‘needlework’

    Great Find Gette!!!

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