Book Sunday: Ottoline Goes To School

Ottoline goes to School
Chris Riddell
Published by Macmillan Children’s Books
Hard cover, 170 pages

Ottoline Brown is the eccentric daughter of Professor and Professor Brown. Her parents are away a lot because they are Collectors and roam the globe for things to collect. Ottoline’s best friend and constant companion is Mr. Munroe, whom her parents found in a bog in Norway.

When out on a walk, Ottoline and Mr. Munroe meets Cecily Forbes-Lawrence III and her Patagonian pony, Mumbles. The arrogant Cecily quickly dominates Ottoline’s time and attention, enthralling her with all kinds of fantastic stories.

Ottoline likes Cecily and is oblivious to her snooty side. When Cecily announces that it’s time for her to return to school, Ottoline decides to enroll as well. Together with a group of equally offbeat children and their pets, they commence lessons at Alice B. Smith School for the Differently Gifted.

Before long, the students are menaced by what Cecily claimed to be the Horse of the Hammerstines, a ghost who is out to extract revenge for being replaced by a car.

Chris Riddell is a constant source of delight with his quirky stories and detailed illustrations. His stories have the power to engage young readers as well as adults with a love for the odd. His line art is full of visual humour and points of interest.

Perhaps what surprised and delighted me quite a bit was one of the postcards from Ottoline’s parents, who mailed it on 13 April 2008 while they were in our neck of the woods attending the Sarawak Hornbill Festival.

Aaaand here’s the postcard from the Sarawak Hornbill Festival.

This book also comes with the badges you can earn at the Alice B. Smith School for the Differently Gifted.

Sorry the Book Sunday entry is a bit sparse today. It’s been a horribly busy week!

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