Kittehs looking for good homes!

EDIT: All the cats have been claimed!

My friend Rin have been fostering a litter of kittens and now they are old enough to be adopted! So there are 4 kittens (about 3 months old) and 1 grown cat looking for good homes.

Potential cat parents should note the following:

  1. The kittens have been dewormed twice as per vet’s instructions. Mummy Cat has been dewormed once.
  2. All of them are litter-trained and not particularly fussy about food. They were fed a variety of cat food and the occasional leftover fish and chopped up chicken meat, but no rice or other human foods.
  3. These are indoor cats. If you want them to go outside sometimes, they need to be taught to stay within the house perimeter (so they don’t get run over or eaten by dogs).
  4. Bring a pet carrier. Borrow one if you have to. A proper carrier – not a box or tub or bucket or person’s lap. Cage type pet carriers are fine.
  5. Get your new kitty neutered a.s.a.p. There are already too many homeless cats out there.
  6. Each new owner will get a cat care booklet and a vet card.
  7. Kittens are free to adopt. Donations are appreciated and will go to the SSPCA.

Now read on to meet them kittehs!


FATTY – One of the Basement Cat twins (the one on the left). A male pure black cat. He got his name because when he was younger he was the fattest of all the kittens. He has since gotten longer and doesn’t look so fat. He’s very active and playful – he particularly likes stalking things. He’ll stop stalking you if you look at him and say “No”.

LOWFAT – The other Basement Cat twin (the one on the right). Male, mostly black. Initially we told him apart from Fatty by the fact that the end of his tail has a tendency to curl, but that was a bit hard when they were running around so we just referred to him as the “less fat one”, which is how he ended up being called Lowfat. He has a small white patch on his chest and – like Mad – he likes to climb and play with balls and bits of string.

COMOT – Comot is a female kitten with semi-tuxedo colouring and a bobtail. She got her name from the unfortunate “comot” on her upper lip, which makes her look like she has a Hitler moustache. She’s very affectionate once you get to know her and loves sitting in people’s laps (when she’s not in the mood to play, that is). She’s a real girly girl and likes being stroked. She hates getting into playfights with the twins.


MAD – Mad is a male tuxedo kitten. He got his name because once he knew how to walk he was really hard to control. He’s quite mellow now and comes to Comot’s rescue a lot. He likes climbing things. Little rubber balls and bits of string drive him loco. (Claimed!)

MUMMY CAT – Mummy Cat is a grey tabby. She is about 1-2 years old. She’s very affectionate and likes being stroked. She is quite independent and doesn’t mind being left alone for a couple of hours (she’s also quite well behaved if you give her enough space to roam around). She has a small, thumb-sized patch of fur missing and a healed cut on her side – she had this ever since we rescued her and we have no idea how she got it. It doesn’t seem to hurt her anymore. She’s not very playful and would suit a house with no other cats. 

If you are interested, please contact Rin at azreen_zahira[AT] to arrange a visit. Oh, and we’re in Kuching. Local inquiries only. ;-)

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