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Time & Money Concludes

On Halloween Friday, Faith and I took the money we raised for Habitat for Humanity and brought it to the Kuching affiliate office. 

The grand total you awesome people raised for my HfH Birthday Fund is a cool RM500. You know how much you all rock, right? You rock a lot! Thanks for your generous donations, and feel free to steal this idea for a good cause of your choice!

Like Faith, who stole this idea as a way of celebrating her boss’s birthday. She and her colleagues mustered up RM515.83 for HfH!

So that day, the HfH fund got richer by RM1,015.83!

That’s easily the best birthday month ever. :-D


Rose Au, President of Habitat Malaysia’s National Board of Trustees, strolled into my office this morning with a visiting group in tow. While an editor briefed the group on how a newspaper works, she grabbed a chair and filled me in with a number of upcoming projects and what’s going on HfH-wise in West Malaysia.


This is where I have to announce that I’ve offered to reorganise the Kuching affiliate blog. It’s still a work in progress. I still have a bunch of information and photos to process, and I need to establish a system that allows some contributor or co-maintainer(s) action. 

The first thing I realised is that I’m gonna have to read up on HfH for real now, not just enough information to gloss through an article or tell friends about.

Anyway, there’s a lot of backlogged stuff and a lot of interesting upcoming stuff, so it’s probably a good time to add that blog to your RSS reader!

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