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Toyota Quest For The Fuel Efficient Engine

Toyota decided on a fantasy-themed game and contest to promote their latest campaign – The Toyota Quest For the Fuel-Efficient Engine. When I saw their ad on rotation in my sidebar, I thought Advertlets is helping plug with a new Malaysian or Singapore fantasy MMORPG (as implausible as that sounds). Hopefully one with an English write-up that doesn’t make me die laughing first.

Oh well, a girl can hope.

With some gentle encouragement from Advertlets, I went over for a look. The site is not too bad, employing the pop-up book presentation that popped a collage of artwork, photos and animation at you. It’s medieval meets modern – the castle from a bygone era surrounded by buildings with indoor plumbing.  

So the King realises that those horseless carriages create a different sort of poop on the streets of the Distant City of a Distant Land. He appoints a knight (you!) to look into the problem.

Oh look, it’s you inside a tin can that is inside another tin can. Off to save the day.

There is a witch somewhere, and a requisite dragon Guardian whom you will eventually encounter two pages later.

“Ha HAH!” says our valiant knight (you). “Out of my way, foul beast.”

Realising that Monsieur Guardian technically won’t need a can opener, you make your escape. But your horseless carriage is quickly running out of juice and cannot outrun a dragon who knows you’re after his bling.

So our slightly dented and lightly cooked knight (you) does make his escape and end up seeking help from a reclusive engineering genius. 

There is so much steampunk potential in the image above. But alas, fantasy barely makes a dent in mainstream today, so steampunk’s gonna have to wait. Check back in another 10 years. But back to the story.

The guy with the goggles and stuff does have a solution for you – Fuel Efficiency! You return to Monsieur Guardian for a rematch. This is where things start getting fun. It’s game time!

The objective of the game is to outrun Monsieur Guardian. Basic left-right controls, pick up Power Boost for speed, pick up the Toyota logos for extra points, and lose points for hitting rocks.

As far as addictive flash games go, this one helped me discover my uncanny accuracy in hitting every goddamn rock on the road when I’m in Power Boost mode. Oh, the rightmost lane is perfectly free of rocks and logos. You just have to watch out for the dragon. My best score so far is 4100, in one of the rare occasions where I don’t hit as many rocks.

But no matter how crappy your score, you outrun Monsieur Guardian and collect the booty…

…which is Eco-Friendliness! You install it into your tin can steed carry it home to the Distant City of a Distant Land! There is clean air and rejoicing! The King gives you his youngest daughter’s hand in marriage and you both ride off into the sunset!

I guess the moral of the story is that you can’t go wrong with a powerful, fuel efficient, eco-friendly Toyota. But hey, the prize attached to this Toyota Quest For the Fuel-Efficient Engine is pretty tasty too.


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