Ringing Out 2008

2008 had been a mixed year. It began with the kind of new year celebration that will be hard to beat, and I’m not kidding myself about being able to relive this ever. I’m only content that I’ll be welcoming the new year quietly with a friend. Probably toasting with an iced tea at Starbucks or something. It’s been a year of fewer travelling opportunities but I made them (the

Eat OK Food Blogger Gathering

The Kuching Food Bloggers Gathering @ Village Fast Food was nice and had a few new faces (“new” as in I haven’t already met them everywhere else), but I was too tired to mingle after we sat down and the food started coming out. I’ve been constantly tired the last few weeks. I was too tired to figure out how my friend’s camera worked, hence I didn’t get photos and

Books – Dec 2008

Nicholas Sparks – The Rescue Haruki Murakami – After Dark Jill Ciment – The Tattoo Artist Sarah Singleton – Century  Boris Akunin – Turkish Gambit James Patterson – Sam’s Letters to Jennifer Michele Jeffe – Bad Kitty  Lynette Padwa – Say The Magic Words Sharon Wheatley – ‘Til The Fat Girl Sings Bill Bass & Jon Jefferson – Death’s Acre Mary Roach – Stiff Meryl Starr – The Personal Organizing

Kuching Food Bloggers Gathering @ Village Fast Food

Francis, who introduced kayaking to Kuching, have gotten together with some friends to set up Eating out in Kuching (Eat OK). Their first event is a food testing event at the newly opened Village Fast Food, opened by the people who brought us Green Bento.   You’ll need to RSVP because they are issuing Entrance Coupons. To do that, go here.