A new look for Standard Issue

I never thought I’d find another WordPress theme that I’ll love as much as Tarski! I stumbled upon PrimePress, which is free and allowed control over certain page elements that I originally tweaked on Tarski and cannot do without. 

There were a lot of other themes that I liked but there’s always something wrong with them. Some do not let me exclude pages from the navigation bar. Some realigned all my posts. Some had post bodies that were too narrow. The only thing wrong with this one is that I don’t have time to customise an image header. So I’ll let the defaults run for now.

I like my blog layout to be fairly minimalist due to the photos I sometimes post. I used to have a bunch of things in the sidebars, but I took a good hard look at them one day and decided that it’s a lot of unnecessary crap that’s slowing down my load time. Hence a more bare, uncluttered blog and all the more reasons to generate actual content.

Posting a screenshot for my reference.

Standard Issue 2009

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