Book Sunday: Ottoline and the Yellow Cat

Ottoline and the Yellow Cat
Chris Riddell
Published by Macmillan Children’s Books
Hard cover, 171 pages

Ottoline and the Yellow Cat came before Ottoline Goes To School. You can see that she’s a bit younger in this book, but it doesn’t take away the fun of the series.

Ottoline lives in the Pepperpot Building (called so because it looks like a pepperpot) with Mr. Munroe, whom her parents found in a bog in Norway. Our intrepid young protagonist specialises in solving tricky problems and working out clever plans. She has a notebook specially for jotting down what she sees and working out those clever plans.

The mystery begins when Mr Monroe noticed posters of missing dogs and showed them to Ottoline. Soon, Ottoline noticed some interesting and possibly related activity in the crime pages.

One of the things I noticed about Ottoline is that she does manage to be a slightly annoying little snot the way young children are when then learn the proper codes of conduct but doesn’t know the appropriate time to sling it out. Nonetheless, she is still sincere and endearing.

Riddell’s line art is full of visual pun and references that adults are more likely to get. For example, does this scene look familiar?

Ottoline and the Yellow Cat

And finally, another piece of evidence that Riddell might have been here:

Ottoline and the Yellow Cat - Postcards

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