Books – Dec 2008

img_6695Nicholas Sparks – The Rescue
Haruki Murakami – After Dark
Jill Ciment – The Tattoo Artist
Sarah Singleton – Century
 Boris Akunin – Turkish Gambit
James Patterson – Sam’s Letters to Jennifer
Michele Jeffe – Bad Kitty
 Lynette Padwa – Say The Magic Words
Sharon Wheatley – ‘Til The Fat Girl Sings
Bill Bass & Jon Jefferson – Death’s Acre
Mary Roach – Stiff
Meryl Starr – The Personal Organizing Workbook
Dennis Kyte – The Last Elegant Bear

This is me recording an epic fail in liu of a Book Sunday post. As in (1) don’t buy more books this year; and (2) don’t use credit card till I pay it off. (1) and (2) tend to be directly related. I was doing quite well until I went to the Times Warehouse sales. In short, I should have stayed away but I was tired and dispirited and needed a perk.

Everything in my pile is from the warehouse sale except the first and last book, which were bought from a Christmas stall next door to my office.

I have one more book I need to add to the pile before I “close shop”. Really. As soon as I can muster up the energy to battle the crowd in the Spring and get to MPH.

As usual, strikeouts have been read. Am currently reading “The Personal Organizing Workbook”, but in general, I’m not reading very much at all. Which is another good reason why I should curb the book-buying.

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