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The Kuching Food Bloggers Gathering @ Village Fast Food was nice and had a few new faces (“new” as in I haven’t already met them everywhere else), but I was too tired to mingle after we sat down and the food started coming out. I’ve been constantly tired the last few weeks.

I was too tired to figure out how my friend’s camera worked, hence I didn’t get photos and this is not an entry into the Eat OK blog post contest. Photo above? Stole it. Thanks Annna.

I must say that the Eat Ok logo makes a great icon in real life, as demonstrated by everyone in the photo.

I’m pleased that Gab, who designed the logo, was also there. We know each other from my church days and were already planning to meet up to swap Edward Gorey books.

I helped the organisers by writing up quiz questions on the fly. I knew Caroline at VFF will be making a speech and was gonna get some things from there, but I didn’t anticipate that Francis will be introducing everyone who attended. It did make a couple of other good questions though!

I think this is the first proper food review event organised for bloggers. There were 5 tables for us and we had feedback forms to fill. I’m quite pleased with the feedback form idea because it shows that the people from VFF are serious in getting a general feel of what people think of their food.

Despite not feeling very good, I enjoyed the event and the company. I’m only sorry I didn’t have enough energy to go make new friends that night, but I am glad to see the usual suspects and a few other people I usually meet elsewhere.

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3 Comments on “Eat OK Food Blogger Gathering

  1. Yes – the logo design by Gabby was a stroke of genius! And rather clever of Annna to suggest that pose – which at first I thought would be corny; but no! It was great.

    Sorry that I fumbled with the quiz questions! But it all worked out well in the end. Thanks for helping out with the questions.

    Since I didn’t know most of the bloggers there I spoke briefly with each of them before the dinner and thought that it would be nice to share brief snippets about them and their blogs with everyone else.

  2. Nice to meet you that evening Gette. Sorry. I wasn’t in mood to mingle around too cos someone suddenly went emo O_o

    Hope you’ll recover soon k *cheers*

  3. Francis: Corny??? LOL!! But the result is pretty good lei.. It portraits the Eat OK! Logo worrr.. Haha..

    Overall, it was a great night. Looking forward for more. teehee

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