When I decided that it was time I get a domain name of my own, I didn’t know much about things like that. I told a web-savvier friend what domain name I wanted, he made all the arrangements and here I am.

The web hosting solution he picked for me was IPSERVERONE, and I’m still here them.

What can I say? In my first year with them, I didn’t communicate with them at all, but it’s because I didn’t have anything to complain about. The speed and reliability is good. When my friend transfered the account to me, the transfer and renewal was quick and painless. 

IPSERVERONE has solutions for any type of hosting people need these days. The average blogger like myself would look into Web Hosting , but they also offer Reseller Hosting, Co-location, Dedicated Server, Virtual Private Server and Domain names.

I also liked it that it’s a local hosting company. My previous experience was with a US-based company, and although there are certain advantages to that, a Malaysian company is more likely to accept payment straight from your Maybank2U account.

Another important point? Their website is easy to navigate and relatively dummy proof.

If you’re looking for a good local company and entered “malaysia web hosting” into Google, don’t be too surprised if this company pops up – IPSERVERONE. After all, I can only recommend what I know.

Author: Georgette Tan

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  1. Pretty snappy loading of your web page – or maybe it’s just cos the boys are still asleep and not hoarding (hogging? i forget my words sometimes) bandwidth with their (‘stewpig’ i mentioned hog earlier, right?) online games.

    ‘Standard Issue’ is looking good.

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