Ringing Out 2008


2008 had been a mixed year. It began with the kind of new year celebration that will be hard to beat, and I’m not kidding myself about being able to relive this ever. I’m only content that I’ll be welcoming the new year quietly with a friend. Probably toasting with an iced tea at Starbucks or something.

It’s been a year of fewer travelling opportunities but I made them (the voluntary ones, at least) count. It’s been a year of many new friends (thanks to travelling and participating in stuff) and getting back in touch with many old friends (thanks Facebook!). It’s ticking a box that’s been on a mutual to-do list and 20 years is a nice number to do it.

It’s been a year of many marriages and babies, and looking at all these youngsters with their girlfriends at a wedding dinner of someone you grew up with and thinking, “OMG. Last time I saw you, your voice haven’t even broken yet.” It provided many opportunities to muse over being over 30 and not conforming to society by mating and breeding like nearly everyone else my age. And not wanting to do it just because. And getting annoyed with how our heart is wired to long for it no matter what our head says.

It’s been a year of going back to do spoken word and all that goes with it – corralling writers and poets, dealing with the fact that I haven’t written anything new this year, and realising that if you’re willing to ask, people are willing to help. As the world turns, I find more people who are interested in what I’m interested in and fewer who tell me, “You’re mad. This will never work in Kuching”.

It’s been a year of experimenting with new things and brandishing sharp pointy things. And finding myself naturally going into something I’ve been writing about, which lead to my most memorable birthday celebration ever.

2008 was also a year when I realised that I’ve fallen out of love with photography (the way I often fall in and out of love of everything and everyone else) and of me trying to salvage something else that I love

It’s been a year of me unexpectedly getting over a lifelong fear of public speaking, a year of living a lot larger and harder than I usually do, a year of casting off old self-doubts and of saying yes where I usually would have said no. And vice versa.

It’s been a year of adjusting to how things have changed at work, exactly how the cookie crumbles, and learning to deal with it gracefully and with a level head.

I’ve gotten into the GTD and uncluttering craze (a year early, Hallmark on Astro!) and looked at the psychology of why people need to own stuff. I’m still in the process of untangling myself from mine and learning how to let go, but at least I have a floor in my room and it’s still there.

It’s been a good year and I have no regrets.

Author: Georgette Tan

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  1. Photography is something I see most people can really fall in love with. Its weird that this is happening, but like you… and I guess most bloggers… photography is something we all tend to adore.

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