Book Sunday: The Last Elegant Bear


The Last Elegant Bear
Dennis Kyte
Published by Little Simon Books

The Last Elegant Bear is another one of those books where the story is eclipsed by the artwork. Story? What story? I can’t remember the story. But look at the pretty pencil sketches and colour pencil work!

The book follows the “Life and Times of Abiner Smoothie”, a well-bred bear born into privilege and a family tree to reckon with. Abiner’s constant companion is Puppy (who really is a rabbit) and they are never apart, even when Puppy is not supposed to be there.

We follow Abiner to a posh school, then to the navy, and then to his travels all over the world. 

Without doubt, the star of the book is the artwork. It’s colourful enough to keep a child’s attention, and detailed enough to appeal to adults. 


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