A Pretty Good Monday

I am in Singapore on a work trip. On the first day, the Singapore Tourism Board had us hit the mother of all tourist attractions – Sentosa. I’m quite impressed for most parts, although I suspect they romanticise much. The scatter of dots on the merlion’s head are people. To be honest, it looks more impressive from the ground. After all, it’s not the only attraction on Sentosa that gives

Definitions of “brave”

Brave? I’ve been getting that a lot since I got my head shaved in front of countless people at “Give Hope, Go Bald” yesterday. I believe the reason why people think I’m brave is because they won’t have done it themselves. Because I’m a girl. It comes with expectations, like actually having hair. But I got your attention, right? Read on. Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society (SCCS) was set up by a

Two days to the shave-off

My favourite photo backdrop. Photo by Jerneh Hon. My friend and dance instructor Serina from Studio 23 called me earlier this evening. “Are you going to tHe Spring tomorrow night?” she asked me. “I don’t know yet. What’s going on?” “I’m running my belly dance workshop for the Go Bald campaign.” she reminded me. “Albert already reached his target, so I’m going to help you reach yours.” “Really? Wow.” I