Definitions of “brave”


Brave? I’ve been getting that a lot since I got my head shaved in front of countless people at “Give Hope, Go Bald” yesterday.

I believe the reason why people think I’m brave is because they won’t have done it themselves. Because I’m a girl. It comes with expectations, like actually having hair.

But I got your attention, right? Read on.

Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society (SCCS) was set up by a bunch of parents who came together to support each other through something parents should never have to face. Knowing that your child has cancer and pulling out the stops to battle it – that’s brave.

Being a kid who is sick with a long-term illness is not fun. There were kids sitting around the exhibition area who had hats or medical masks (or both) on. There were obviously kids who are going to have to pay extra care to themselves. They have no choice but to be brave.

I’m just some silly girl who went and got her head shaved on stage. That’s a spit in the ocean compared to what parents and kids of the SCCS have to face on a daily basis.

When I got up on stage yesterday as part of the team from The Borneo Post, there was this huge cheer that scared me more than the prospect of losing my hair. For the next few minutes, all I saw was a wall of cameras forming a semi-circle in front of me. I couldn’t stop laughing because I’m used to going fairly unnoticed in a crowd. I’m usually on the other side of the camera.

When my head was almost done, the lady from Cutting Edge leaned over and said to me, “You look good bald. Your head is a nice shape.”

I wanted to get back to work right after I got off stage but I couldn’t go three steps without meeting someone who wants to shake my hand, take my photo and tell me they’re proud of me. I’m apparently also  in the newspapers today. It’s all very surreal.


I didn’t see my head until much later, when Francis took a photo of me with my camera.


Out of 113 participants, there were only two women. Here I am with the other woman – Roslin Haji Ramli. She and her husband Abdul Khalik are with SCCS. Their only son has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and is still undergoing annual treatment. 


I have updated the amount on the right sidebar to the amount of based on my records. Big thanks to everyone who donated to see me bald and helped rally up some funds on my behalf. A great big thanks to Serina and Albert from Studio 23 for raising over RM2000 of my total amount!

Wow. What a week. Now to post this, slap some sunblock on my head and go out.

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Author: Georgette Tan

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  1. You really slap some sunblock on your head? O_O

    Yes Gette, I think you look good with bald too :) I hope I’ll have the courage to do it for the next charity..

  2. put on the sun-block, but put it on under your hat. this is the voice of experience. and, I must admit, admiration.

  3. hey! cool.. i know who you are.. lol.. you were the first girl getting bald! so proud la! hahaha… i was one of those right in front taking pictures… you mind if i put up your pic in my blog?

  4. M: Oh wow, I couldn’t believe how many friends and acquaintances in KL SMS’ed me on Monday. I didn’t realise my face was so big in the papers.

    janelgrace: Didn’t keep any. Couldn’t be bothered! What would I do with it?

    ahlost: Yes you really need the sunblock. That’s a patch of skin that hasn’t seen direct sunlight in over 30 years.

    Frank: :)

    Urb Anwriter: SPF50 *and* hat every time I’m outdoors! Not taking any chances.

    nickki: Go right ahead. Your photos and your blog. :)

    windwalker: Thanks.

  5. Hi Gette: Been a bit late coming here to give my 2 sen. I like your baldness. You are right.Most people and I am one of them are kind of too bloody chicken to shave bald. I think we’re too vain for words. I feel kind of ashamed that I still think a head of hair is what I am, though I know that’s NOT what I am. Still. I love your guts. I saw your face in The Star and went, oh you go girl. So proud that I know you. Oh yes, Studio23 was also featured in the Metro section of The Star not too long ago. In case you wanna go tell them. Or they probably already know. Enjoy your Singapore trip!

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