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Kenny goes bald


There’s no reason for me to pretend I’m not impressed by this. I was thrilled when the counter of his page passed the RM50k mark. But Kenny Sia exceeded his target. People kept giving. They raised and extra RM2000 right there at tHe Spring.


Needless to say, the man of the hour was mugged over and over for photos. Here, we’re both pointing at something that’s about to become history.


Despite all natural fears, Kenny actually looked good without hair. 

But I think the whole reason behind the “Give Hope, Go Bald” campaign hit home when we were introduced to 6-year old Michael from Kapit.


His father will be going bald along with a bunch of other people this Sunday. Perhaps that bunch of other people will include me.

My collection is RM850 at the time of writing (watch the meter on the sidebar for updates), which is pretty amazing considering I only started rallying for donations on Monday. A huge bunch of thanks go out to my colleagues, friends and new friends who took up the cause and passed the word on.

There’s 2 more days left to contribute. Besides me, the following bloggers are also pledging to shave their heads:

  • Jimmy Chin will do it for RM5,000.
  • Albert Lim went past his original target and have marked it up to RM5,000.
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