Two days to the shave-off

gette_baldMy favourite photo backdrop. Photo by Jerneh Hon.

My friend and dance instructor Serina from Studio 23 called me earlier this evening.

“Are you going to tHe Spring tomorrow night?” she asked me.

“I don’t know yet. What’s going on?”

“I’m running my belly dance workshop for the Go Bald campaign.” she reminded me. “Albert already reached his target, so I’m going to help you reach yours.”

“Really? Wow.” I have incredibly wonderful, helpful friends but I could never get used to people wanting to help me do things.

“I think it’s brave of you to want to do this. Bring your dance belt and pretend you happen to have it with you when I do the workshop!”

So there you are. I will be at tHe Spring tomorrow night, 7.45 – 8.15pm, and I will show you which direction the fat wobbles.

I’m still not entirely sure if “brave” or “bold” is the word that we want here, but I’ll expound on that another time. Maybe tomorrow.

My funds are at RM850 RM1000. If you’re still sending money my way, you can track me down tomorrow night or Sunday before 1pm at tHe Spring. If you’re doing an online transfer and the banks already closed for the weekend, send me a screenshot of the receipt. 

Since I have a long day tomorrow, I’m going to bed early.

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