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Christmas in May

Alternate subjects for this post include “Retail Therapy” and “When in doubt, shop.” They are all relevant, except for #1 and #6, which are things I won.

This post is full of photos, because I have little to say.

1. Yuan Soap

I won this in a draw at MyWomenStuff. I got to pick the type I want so picked “Purple Gromwell & Roselle Soap”, which is supposed to be good if your skin picks up all sorts of itches and allergies. It smells strongly of herbs, but once I got used to it, it’s a pretty soothing scent.





2. Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Mascara

Andrea‘s been talking about the MJ series of mascara so I asked her to pick one for me. She got me this one. I tried it out last night. The formula is similar to Fiberwig, which I’m currenly using – it relies on little fibers in the mascara to lengthen your lashes.

It went on a little clumpy; I had to comb it out a bit with a dry wand. But it made my eyelashes look twice as long and the curl held… unlike Fiberwig, which just kills your curl upon application. However, you can remove Fiberwig when taking a hot shower. No need for eye make-up remover. Not so for MJ Lash Gorgeous Wing. Then again, I didn’t exactly try to see if warm water works on it. The box said to remove with a remover.


Don’t mind the frog. She got me that too. He squeaks.

3. Moleskine Volant


Entirely Fariah and Syuk’s fault. Syuk pointed it out. Fariah said I can tumpang order. So I asked for the plain notebooks in green. This is a completely unnecessary indulgence, if you have an idea how much Moleskines cost. But when Fariah handed it to me, I put it straight into my mouth and nommed on one corner for a while. The inset shows both notebooks in different shades of green.

4. Lumiere’s Baby Buki

I’ve been meaning to order a baby kabuki brush from Loving Minerals for a while but I also wanted to wait until I am actually gonna make a minimum of RM100 order to take advantage of the free delivery. Here’s the Baby Buki and a free sample they included.



5. Lumiere’s 9-piece brush set

I was gonna order a bunch of brushes when I realised it’ll be cheaper to get the set. The carrying case is a plus. It eliminates the problem of storage. 




6. LG LCD 21″ TV

I would have forgotten if people didn’t keep asking me about this. I won this at a draw at the work luncheon. This is awkward because I was the one holding the jar with the slips in them. However, my parents spend a lot of time in front of the TV and we’ve never had one bigger than a toaster. I gave it to them, since I don’t watch TV or have space for one in my room and life. (They’re happy, thanks for asking.) So screw you assholes who think I rigged it. If I wanted to rig it, I’d pick the camera. It’s less obvious and I could use a new one.

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  1. Where did you get the brush set from? I’ve been looking for a good one. The ones here are usually incomplete. It got to a point that I got tired of looking

  2. Irene: Brush set is from and cost RM90.

    nec: I save the moleskines for special occasions. :)

    Fariah: Ordered them from Ditto the baby buki. I don’t know about “complete”. It’s lacking an eyelash comb and a smudger sponge thing, but I can make do.

  3. dannngg 100RM sounds like alot!
    then i realize its only like 30 USD….nothing to laugh at, but still…not as shocking.

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