Books – June 2009

Christopher Golden – Soulless Eoin Colfer – Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox Garth Nix – The Seventh Tower: The Fall Yoko Ogawa – The Housekeeper + The Professor Did very little on the reading front but am slowly buying books and reading again. “Soulless” is about a zombie uprising in New York. I was intrigued by the synopsis, and bought it. Started reading when I planned on going to

A New Chapter

When embarking on a new chapter or a new life, it is best to start with thanksgiving. I’d like to thank the handful of people who knew exactly what was going on with me in the last few difficult months, and stood by with willing ears, long lunches, pots of tea, and nights of doing nothing but sitting around talking about everything that pisses us off and how we’d love

How to save money on books

This is a companion article to my “Hooked on Books” and “Booksellers talk shop” article, published in thesundaypost, 7 June 2009, but was not reposted on the website. It doesn’t take rocket scientist to tell you that books are expensive items if you live in Malaysia. Here are some tips on how to get best value for your money. Buy ’em pre-loved Locate the used book stores in town. Book