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Kate Super Sharp Liner

Since I’ve developed a not-so-random new interest in make up, I decided to blog a little about it. Let’s start with a little something about an eyeliner I used to day and what happened later that prompted me to write about it.


Here we have the Super Sharp Liner from Kate, a sub-brand under Kanebo. I picked this up because I got to try Peggy‘s when she gave us a crash course in make up.


I like it because of the super fine tip, which is great for a subtle line. All you need for day wear is a subtle line. It’s also a little easier to handle than a conventional liquid eyeliner. There’s a consistant supply of colour. No re-inking necessary.


Here are some test lines I drew on my hand. The fine lines are a result of working the tip lightly, and the thicker lines is when you apply more pressure on your skin.

It’s quite lasting once it dries. It smudges a bit when you rub it, but this is when it’s on my hand. I do test lines before I actually line my eyes, and that sticks around for a while even then I try to rub it! However, I managed to put it to the extreme test today.

I put make up on because I needed to take a photo to get a new driving license made (which is another story altogether). My dad drove us down to JPJ in 12th Mile and we got it done pretty quickly. Since we had time, we went to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, just in time to watch orang utans come out for food.

There is a 200m walk through the jungle before you get to the feeding area, so you can imagine how much I sweated in this heat! I thought this liner was waterproof but I guess it wasn’t sweat proof. See what happened:



It transferred neatly to my crease line! And that won’t come off until I used a make-up remover on it.

Well, make-up isn’t for jungle hiking in anyway! But if you’re mostly in the office or do a little running around in the city, it should last just fine.

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7 Comments on “Kate Super Sharp Liner

  1. i tried it at parkson. It’s easy to use but very hard to wash off! I used the Stage eye make up remover, next door. It’s either the eyeliner is stubborn or the remover is lousy. lol

  2. Maybe I should try putting it on before I put on eyeshadow. I tried it again tonight and it still transferred to the crease. The only difference between my hand and my eye is that I don’t have foundation/eye shadow on my hand before I drew it with the liner.

  3. Do you use a primer for your eyeshadow? I wonder if that would help in addition to putting the liner on before shadow.

    Also, are your “Share and Enjoy” links from a plugin or is it built into the theme? I can only find text-only share links, which I hate.

  4. ah yeah i use this brand too because i’m a terrible klutz and a fine liner is so much more forgiving when i make mistakes hahaha. i’ve been using quite a few brands before this, and despite being labeled waterproof, ALL of them run under very sweaty conditions for me, so now i don’t bother when i know i’m going for a sweaty event.

    come think of it, i don’t even bother using much make-up anymore, i’m too lazy with the removal come the end of the day.

    oh annna – you can try using baby oil to remove eye-liner – works a dream for stubborn make up, and bloody cheap too. a friend of mine working as a make-up artist passed on that tip to me, but didn’t think much of it until i had eye-liner smudges that wouldn’t come off, and my make-up remover chose that particularly opportune moment to run out!

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