Lucky’s Second Chance

This is Lucky, the Persian currently under the care of Rin whom you last saw here. When Lucky was rescued from negligent owners on July 31, she looked like this: She was skinny, had at least three species of mites living on her (hence the crusty ears), two broken teeth and gastritis. It cost almost RM300 (not counting medical fees when the carer sustained a scratch that got infected) and about

MBO The Spring

I may not be among the first to watch the first movie screened at MBO The Spring, but I was one of the first ones in there for the first look. I also win the prize for using the word ‘first’ as many times as I can in one sentence. More photos under the cut.

Jeans Bag

I’ve been pretty busy with work and crafting that I don’t have time to update very often. Here’s another one of my recently completed projects – the jeans bag, which you can make out of any old jeans skirt or pants. Peggy made one last year when she started sewing, so it’s oddly fitting that I get to that point eventually when I got comfortable with the sewing machine.