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I’ve been pretty busy with work and crafting that I don’t have time to update very often. Here’s another one of my recently completed projects – the jeans bag, which you can make out of any old jeans skirt or pants. Peggy made one last year when she started sewing, so it’s oddly fitting that I get to that point eventually when I got comfortable with the sewing machine.

To start off, cut off the top of the jeans just above the crotch. It’s a bit easier to sew unless you want to navigate round the crotch. You also might want to consider the width of the garment. People with wide asses like me would benefit from a deeper bag to balance out the width. Unfortunately, I’ve already cut off the lower half for something else and had to make do.


Turn it inside out and sew off the bottom. If you want a flat bottom (pun not intended), square off the corners and sew across. You can just see the pin in the photo below where I sew across later.


My jeans skirt was kinda thin to begin with so the bag isn’t gonna hold its shape without help. I made some reinforcement out of lining and interfacing. Measure out the bottom of the bag from corner to corner and cut out the size of reinforcement you need.


You can also opt to make it out of something more sturdy, like cardboard, or a proper full inner lining. I was lazy and needed fast gratification so this is all the effort I’ll make.

Pin to the bottom of the bag and sew.


You’re done with the bag! Now to make straps out of whatever part of the original garment you have left. I used the hem of the skirt. There wasn’t enough of it to make a sling bag, so I found some of these buckles, sew buttons securely inside the bag and hooked it on. Now I have a shoulder bag with an adjustable strap.


You can opt to put in a zip or some sort of closure, especially if it’s a shallow bag. I used large snap buttons. And yes, the label does indeed say XXXXL. I think the skirt was made in a country where the average native woman’s waist is as big as my thigh.

Here’s the exterior view, full of my stuff:


And this is what the inside looks like. Note that I used two purse organisers to give the bag some structure.


Here’s how it looks hanging on me:


And that’s one thing you can do with your old jeans!

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  1. Gette – I absolutely love this idea. Am gonna try it out. But first gotta get myself a sewing machine and learn how to sew properly. I’ve been doing handstitching but it really is awful if sewing on denim.

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