Lucky’s Second Chance


This is Lucky, the Persian currently under the care of Rin whom you last saw here. When Lucky was rescued from negligent owners on July 31, she looked like this:


She was skinny, had at least three species of mites living on her (hence the crusty ears), two broken teeth and gastritis. It cost almost RM300 (not counting medical fees when the carer sustained a scratch that got infected) and about a month to nurse her back to health. She’s still skinny but she’s more or less in good shape and ready to meet someone who will love her and look after her for the rest of her life.


Rin wrote:

Because Lucky’s already been through hell (and she’s not even a year old yet!), I’m going to be pretty picky about who adopts her – she really deserves a loving owner. Most of Lucky’s details are up on Kitteh Heroes, but stuff that might be important to potential adopters:

  • she is scheduled to receive her next shot (the second in a course of three injections) on September 25 at Primavet
  • she is now about 9 months old
  • she is NOT spayed, and I would rather she go to someone willing to spay her
  • she is litter-trained, yay!
  • she does not like being in a cage (and doesn’t deserve to be, frankly)
  • she has teeth missing, so mostly she’ll eat canned cat food, with the occasional bit of kibble to keep the rest of her teeth healthy
  • she is still pretty skinny, but it’s not an indication of ill health. It’ll just take a while for her to start gaining weight
  • she still has pressure sores on her hind legs, but they’re healing very well. She also has a scar on her forehead (mostly covered by fur) that is also healing
  • white cats are VERY susceptible to sunburn, so she will have to be an exclusively indoor cat
  • because she’s technically still a kitten, she does require more attention than an adult cat: she is quite active, likes playing and is very affectionate (although of course it’ll take a little time for her to get used to a new owner).
  • I’d rather she go to someone who has had Persians before, because grooming is not easy. Because she’s white I’d recommend she gets wiped with a damp cloth at least once a day (otherwise bits of her will turn beige). She doesn’t mind being wiped, but she hates baths.

New owner must have their own pet carrier. Lucky already has a collar and I’ll give a few cans of cat food to get her started. If the new owner wishes to continue having Dr. Audrey as Lucky’s vet – which I’d definitely recommend – I can write a letter to Primavet to authorise the transfer of the account to the new owner (and they don’t need to worry about her previous treatments – everything so far has been paid for).


If you are in Kuching and are interested in adopting Lucky, you can contact Rin at azreen_zahira[AT] for further details. You can also reply to this post.

Lucky is free to adopt as long as you promise that she’ll be well cared for.


Kitteh Heroes is a small, newly-established group of cat lovers in Kuching who are interested in the welfare of cats. The primary carer is Rin. The rest of us help in any other way we can – like bearing some of the expenses or helping find new homes for the cats-in-care. There is a Facebook group here.

You can help by spreading the word. Link to this post on your blog, tweet it, repost it on Facebook, email it to someone who might be interested. Rehoming Lucky means there’s room for the next cat we find.

You can also give us your spare change, because fostering cats and making sure they get all their shots cost money.

“All cats rescued by Kitteh Heroes will be treated, vaccinated and spayed/neutered at Primavet. I chose Primavet because – although their costs are slightly higher – Dr. Audrey really loves cats and her cat boarding area is one of the better ones that I’ve seen. She’s pretty big on educating people about pet care as well, and she gave me a discount when I had to get six rescued cats treated for worms (not fun). She also takes in cats that are abandoned at her premises and offers them up for adoption. She’s a Kitteh Hero!” – Rin

You can find the official Kitteh Heroes vet at:

PrimaVet : The Animal Clinic

Dr. Audrey Cheong D.V.M
Veterinary Surgeon

Lot. 534, Ground Floor Section 10,
Jln Rambutan (Off Jalan Rubber),
93400 Kuching,

Tel/Fax Number: 082 422 297
Mobile: 012 8820 824
Email: primavet[AT]

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  1. hi there..i was really excited n interested to adopt lucky.infact i know dr.audrey very well because my brooklyn is having her treatment in primavet as call me anytime 0146961427.tq

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