Project Snip-Snip: Passport Holder

[Nov 1, 2.50am] Auction closed! Congratulations, Leo! I’ll be in touch about your new passport holder at a more civilised hour.] Holiday time anyone? In this second Project Snip-Snip Auction, we’re making it a little easier to stay organised when you go away. My buddy Peggy Wong is an architect by day and a lot of other things when she isn’t being an architect. She has been crafting for a while

Project Snip-Snip: Purse Organiser

[Oct 28, 11:06pm] SOLD TO ANNNA for RM42! Thanks for playing, everyone. And look out for the next auction tomorrow night. :D Welcome to the Project Snip-Snip Auction! The first item up for auction is none other than the purse organiser I’ve been trying out  and posting about a few weeks back. Yes, it looks a bit funny now because I haven’t sewn the pockets down. But you should know

Project Snip-Snip: How to donate

I’ve gotten quite a bit of donations and pledges since my last post, and that was before I even managed to talk about how and where! So this post is to address the issue of how you can gimme your money. It’s actually very simple. If you’re from outside Malaysia, I do not have any way of taking international donations. Plus, I don’t really approve of wasting time with additional

Project Snip-Snip

I’m kicking off my annual Birthday Project a bit later than I planned due to having much less free time than I did last year. But I’m timing it just so you’ll know about it and will keep it in mind as you all get your salaries at the end of this month. ;-) I really don’t enjoy the “what should I get someone for their birthday?” dilemma every time someone’s

Bosnia & Tourism

When people mention Bosnia and Herzegovina, it’s hard to shake off the image most people my age have imprinted in our heads – The Bosnian War. After the war ended in 1995, there would be the usual post-war reports and then not much at all. No news is usually good news, and the good news is that they have picked up the pieces and moved on. The thing that’s been