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Project Snip-Snip: Passport Holder

[Nov 1, 2.50am] Auction closed! Congratulations, Leo! I’ll be in touch about your new passport holder at a more civilised hour.]

Holiday time anyone? In this second Project Snip-Snip Auction, we’re making it a little easier to stay organised when you go away.

My buddy Peggy Wong is an architect by day and a lot of other things when she isn’t being an architect. She has been crafting for a while now and is one of the people who inspired me to get into clothing recon and upcycling stuff. Her blog cloth.with.pegs is full of her crafty results, including a few costumes we made last year!

This is what she is sponsoring:



This passport holder will hold your Malaysian passport, your necessary cards and tickets when you jet off on a holiday. Handy! You can see more photos here.

Peggy will be making one for the winner of this auction.

Comments have been set to unmoderated so those of you who have not commented before can bid without your comment being held back.

This auction will close on Nov 1, at 11pm. Last bid by the timestamp on the comment, wins.


  1. Starting price is RM15.
  2. Bids should be at a minimum increment of RM2. This means you can bid any amount above RM2. If you forget in your excitement, it automatically gets bumped up.
  3. Post your bids only. All other comments will be deleted. If you need to ask questions, please email me at tarlia[AT] or comment here.
  4. Will ship to anywhere in Malaysia. If the winning bidder is in Kuching, we can arrange a pick-up or delivery.
  5. I can only accept bank transfer or cash on delivery.

Bid, bid away!

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