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Project Snip-Snip: Purse Organiser

[Oct 28, 11:06pm] SOLD TO ANNNA for RM42! Thanks for playing, everyone. And look out for the next auction tomorrow night. :D

Welcome to the Project Snip-Snip Auction!

The first item up for auction is none other than the purse organiser I’ve been trying out  and posting about a few weeks back.


Yes, it looks a bit funny now because I haven’t sewn the pockets down. But you should know how the finished product looks like by now. If not, click on the link up there.

The reason I haven’t sewn in the pockets is because I’ll customise it for the winner. Everyone has different types of essentials that they must carry with them, right? I want to make sure that your handphone or name card holder fits perfectly.

The organiser is 20″ x 4″. This is long enough to fit about 7 pockets of various sizes.

The outer material is a velvety plush fabric reclaimed from a pair of track pants I bought at FOS and didn’t like because it was way too hot to wear for exercise. The lining is a cotton print that I bought on a whim because I found the pink attractive.


This has to be the prettiest one I’ve made so far.

Comments have been set to unmoderated so those of you who have not commented before can bid without your comment being held back.

This auction will close on Oct 28, at 11pm. Last bid by the timestamp on the comment, wins.


  1. Starting price is RM20.
  2. Bids should be at a minimum increment of RM2.
  3. Post your bids only. All other comments will be deleted. If you need to ask questions, please email me at tarlia[AT] or comment here.
  4. Will ship to anywhere in Malaysia. If the winning bidder is in Kuching, we can arrange a pick-up or delivery.
  5. I can only bank transfer or cash on delivery.

Bid! Bid away!

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  1. RM29.00…
    If possible, can make another one for my other bag? will give u the measurement later on. but, how much for custom-made Purse Organiser?

    Gette: Minimum increment is RM2. So yours adjusted to RM30.

    Yes, I can custom make them. We’ll talk later.

  2. *bangga* Thanks :) This is smth I need badly!! My handbag is like jungle and now I have this, and at the same time helping in the fund raise :)

    Can’t wait for more items to Bid.

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