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Crafterday: Custom Denim Bagget

I took a custom order for a purse organiser that’s a little manlier for Project Snip-Snip. This actually set the ball rolling for a new name. “Purse organiser” is a mouthful. Functional, but a mouthful. It didn’t occur to me that some men might like it as well. And we also must agree that some girls don’t like crazy ass prints.

I eventually arrived at “Bagget”. I was thinking “baggage” and “pocket” and “small baggage” and trying to combine the three.

I was out of denim but Peggy had leftovers from a previous project which had enough leftovers for several other project, including this one!

It fell just a teeny bit short of my 20″x8″ excluding allowance so I cut a piece off the other end and patch in the missing corner.


The wavy stitching was an after thought. I originally sew it flat but my stitch ran crooked… which made me think why not do it on purpose? After all, I’m using a contrasting thread. I like the result – a decorative detail in one corner.


The denim was thick enough not to need interfacing on the inside, so what I did was press the hems for the outer layer around a template I have specially for this purpose, ironed on the interfacing for the inner layer (recycled t-shirt material) and sew both sides together.

Here’s a look of the wavy stitch detail on the right side and the smooth black t-shirt fabric that will become the lining.


After sewing down both ends, I measured out pockets according to order specification. If I’m making custom orders, you can give me the measurements of up to four items to ensure the best fit for your essentials.


And then I sew it all down. I knotted the ends my hand rather than using the machine. The bigger the thread, the messier it’s gonna look when I “lock” the ends.


And we’re done! Here’s how it looks from the detailed end.


The new owner sent me a photo of how it looks inside his messenger bag.


Indeed the one lesson I learn from this is that the guys also have trouble keeping their things in place. I will look out for more rugged material so I can make neutral-looking baggets available for anyone who doesn’t like flower prints or patterns.

So that’s an extra RM50 in the Snip-snip fund!

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