Crafterday: The (sweat)shop

On my day off, Peggy brought her sewing machine to my place and we got some work done on the baggets and on the shop. Yes, we have a shop, as those of you on Facebook would have learned by now. But we’ll get to that later.

The first order of business that Pegs wanted to try is making our labels. She devised a method of using reverse-printed then photocopied text to transfer on ribbons with the help of thinner. Since we didn’t have enough, she ended up using my nail polish remover.


After several trials and errors, she concluded that she may need to use plain ribbon next time because the transfer won’t stick to the pattern.


But she managed to get a few labels out before it was time to sew!

Since she had an electric sewing machine that does more than one stitch, I got her to sew the pockets down with a zigzag stitch. We made about five baggets before calling it a day.


Here’s the material we worked with that day. I have to add that we have plenty of material in the design on the far left!


The label says but the blog’s not ready yet. Meanwhile, you can join us on our Facebook page.


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