Fabric Galore


I went to Kamdar for the first time last Friday and had a fabric overload. I never thought I’d see this coming in my life.

Whatever it is that you need or didn’t know you need is here. I had to stop looking at one point so I don’t try to buy everything.

But I did discover the remnant pile. The alang-alang lengths of cloth that can’t be made into clothing because of the awkward size. But where crafting is concerned, everything has potential.

Clockwise from top: Some retro grey lycra blend; green flower print; black batik.

Now just imagine the black batik as a purse organiser. It was “buy 1 metre, get 1 metre free” and 2 metres is the minimum you could buy. So I bought it. It’s probably more than I need, but it’s reasonably cheap. Anyone interested?


The ones above are fabric that the client wants her purse organisers to be made from. (No, not both on the same one.)

Yes, I’m taking limited orders before Christmas (although as noted in the previous post, I probably won’t be able to get anything done till mid November). Please email me for details.

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  1. I was thinking of visiting Kamdar as soon as the holidays begin! Haha! I like the fabrics you bought but I have no idea what I’d do with them. But I’m definitely heading there soon

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