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Note to event organisers

Dear Event Organisers of the government, private, NPO and NGO persuasion,

Thank you for keeping the events at a minimum since the crazy sleepless two weeks that was the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) sitting. I’m glad you realised that the YBs are probably as tired of the endless days and nights of writing and delivering speeches and debates, as we of the press are of listening and cobbling it into something of consumable quality for our readers.

The early days and late nights of the office was part and parcel of our job description and nothing we can complain about in earnest.

So it’s somewhat startling to come to work and realise you actually get to go home that day while there is still daylight. Or realise that you can actually sleep in a little longer or do morning chores that are usually impossible before heading off to your sole function in the afternoon.

It’s nice to be able to chat and go out for drinks with colleagues, or go eat a nice lunch without having to shove everything down your throat quickly and risk indigestion. It’s also nice to finally have time to sort out my claims, or cart the pile of old newspapers out, or whittle the crap I haven’t gotten around to moving off my desk.

In the few occasions when I had to stay back to finish something, it’s also nice to be treated to this view from my office window:


I appreciate little moments that result from things like this, like my colleague agreeing that this view should be documented and opening the window for me while I haul out the camera.

I don’t expect it to last. Eventually everyone will come back from their holidays and people will be organising things again.

But in the meantime, there’s nothing wrong in living for the moment.

Full of love,

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