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Project Snip-Snip: Birdbirdbird Necklace

The last item is last because it’s special. Shuku was the first person I told about this year’s birthday project. She immediately purchased herself a first class ticket on the crazy train.

Shuku and I go back a long way, although not in the way traditionally assumed when someone uses that phrase. We first met in 1988. We didn’t see each other again until 2008, although we did briefly meet on IRC somewhere in between that. After we met again in 2008, we really didn’t have an excuse not to keep in touch, especially when her brother was right about us having plenty in common.

One of the things we have in common is a love for the absurd adventures of Eben and Snooch at Two Lumps. Shuku’s made jewellery inspired by Calvin & Hobbes before and offered to make a piece of jewellery for the auction. It didn’t take us long to agree that kitteh funnies at Two Lumps is perfect inspiration for a piece going in benefit of SSPCA.


The necklace is really inspired by three strips from Two Lumps:

…but we’ve been calling it Birdbirdbird.


I encourage you to look at her process diary to appreciate the amount of work that went into this:

It’s a special kind of crazy that can marry comic strips, washers and CD ends. As Snooch said in the Muffin Love n’ Lemon strip, “GENIUS!”


You don’t get to bid for this. I’m putting down RM50 into the Snip-Snip fund for it and another RM50 for the Card Holder that nobody bid for either.

Of course if any of you decided that you want either items, you’re free to make me an offer above RM50. First offer via email from anywhere in Malaysia for either items get it.

You better hurry. Ducky’s already moving in.


* fun fact: The illustration on the name card and the card holder were made by the same person.

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