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Project Snip-Snip: Tally

This is probably the last post I’ll make about Project Snip-Snip for a while. It’s going to get very busy at work tomorrow and I’ll have less time than I had in the last couple of weeks.

The current tally is as follows:

  • Donations: RM510
  • Auction: RM127
  • Reserve: RM100

Donations are money given; Auction is the amount raised from the auctions; and Reserve is the two items that weren’t auctioned off. If nobody takes them, I will for RM50 each.

I’ll arrange to bring the money in to SSPCA after the DUN sitting is over.

This doesn’t mean you can’t keep donating if you haven’t. You can give the money to me directly or contact me for my bank account number.

Because some of you have asked, no, I don’t take international donations. I always believe that in minor issues like saving the local population of pets, you should take care of the needs in your area before you send money to another country. Besides, I hear that the service charges aren’t worth it.

The progress meter is in the sidebar and the link below it will take you to this post for a breakdown if you see the numbers creep up.

If you’re free in the coming weekend, SSPCA has another campaign on. This time, it’s in the air-conditioned comfort of tHe Spring. Drop by and show your support at ‘For the Love of Cats’ from 13-16 Nov.

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