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Crafterday: Jewellery Display


My craft project last Sunday was a jewellery holder, which took me about a half an hour to make. Most of the material is already lying around the house somewhere, and the only thing I had to buy was the embroidery hoop. RM3.40 at the craft supply shop.

I didn’t shoot the process because I was so intent on working on the project. Anyway it should be fairly easy to figure out.

What you need is to stretch a piece of porous or loose-weave cloth over the hoop. Cross-stitch fabric will probably work well. I used a piece of leftover curtain from one of our first projects. Instant earring hanger!


The necklace hooks are made from wire thick enough to hold its shape but skinny enough to be manipulated by hand. I used a pair of pliers to speed things along, twisting it into a wavy shape, then turning the ends up. I reinforced the upper part with another strip of wire and used a ribbon to hold them together.


Then I just tied it to the embroidery hoop, made loop on top with the ribbon, hung it up and piled my jewellery on.

The necklace rack is subjected to gravity so I made the hooks deep enough for my necklaces to stay in if the thing tilts a reasonable amount.


Easy afternoon project!

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  1. I would think you have very good taste in jewellery as they have some fantastically beautiful ear tops, I have a fair few myself which never fail to be admired when I wear them.

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